Ugears "Flexi-Cubus Kit" I DIY Self-Assembly Mechanical Kits For Teens and Adults

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Flexi Cubus is a mechanical anti stress model, an octasphere puzzle in the form of a steampunk skeleton cube made out of eight jointі - connected spheres. This flexible connection allows the spheres to move and roll over one another creating different geometrical shapes.

About Ugears models

All the models are mechanical and work without batteries and accumulator. Their movement is powered by gears, cranks, rubber band motors and gravity. You need no glue or additional tools to assemble the models and the elements are pre-cut. The puzzles are made of high quality plywood, safe for kids and durable.

How Ugears Flexi-Cubus works

Each sphere is a mini-mechanism comprising six segments connected with a hinged joint. The geometrical anti stress toy takes the shapes of a rectangle and a 3D cube transforming by bending the joints from one to the other and back as many times as you want. The model is designed as a means to improve your attention and focus on a task you are working on. It will help you to relieve anxiety and stress, and direct your thoughts and feelings in a positive way. The infinite transformations of the fidget puzzle Ugears Flexi Cubus will help you to come up with more and more brilliant ideas!  

Model Size: 4.5*2.4*1.1 in (11.5*6*2.8 cm)

Package size: 10.9*7.3*0.2 in (27.8*18,5*0.5 cm)

Number of components: 144

Estimated time of assembly: 1 hour

Level: Easy

Age Group: 5+



Made from wood materials



The models produce motion



Assembling without glue and chemicals



Details are already cut and ready to assemble



Perfect for family projects through hands-on STEM learning

  • 100% Cotton Bio-Washed High Quality Soft Fabric to provide you a fair balance of comfort and durability
  • Oeko Tex Certified Inks used in the printing. These are high quality inks - vibrant and durable, and highly crack resistant
  • Tagless Neck Label to avoid scratchy feeling
  • Gentle Machine Wash Cold; Tumble Dry
  • Create Store-specific attributes on the fly
  • Made In India
  • Vocal for Local
  • Of the geeks, for the geeks, by the geeks
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