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GeekDawn – The rise of Geek Fashion

From Superhero movies to TV-series like The Big Bang Theory, from the Q in James bond stories to pioneers of the industry like Elon Musk, geeks have been running the show for years.
And now, it’s time for exclusive line of apparels and utilities for Geeks. To that effect we present to you, GeekDawn. We are here and we are committed to bring you the best of Geeky, Nerdy, quirky and funky content through T-shirts, mugs, cushion covers, notebooks and more.
GeekDawn is set to define Geek Fashion, with a range of products that include : Half Sleeves T-shirts, Full Sleeves T-shirts, Crop Tops, Women’s Tops across multiple categories that cut across various interest and dimensions viz. Alcohol, Motorcycle ,Mathematics, Gifting, Movies, TV-Series, Music/Rock Bands, Programmer, Funny, Quirky, Rubik's Cube, Science, Space, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Sarcasm, Unix, Celebrity, QR Code etc.
Some of Following designs that will certainly tickle your frontal cortex are:

Shit just got real

No Flux Given

Let there be light (Maxwell Equation)

and Schrodinger’s cat.

Not only do geeks now have options when it comes to wearing their passion, they can take Geek fashion way beyond the stereotypical T-shirt.
Gone are the days when the geek fashion world was limited to bland Pop culture icons directly from properties (e.g. the classic Superman logo slapped on a blue T-shirt). Geekdawn’s ever increasing number of designs is drawing more subtle inspiration not only from the world of Comic book Superheroes or Pop Culture but from the actual world of science, maths, programming and more.

 Black Hole

Escape Velocity

Noble Gases

These are the apparels that you can wear to the office or a party and not feel like you’re screaming your “Obvious” geekiness to the world. Instead, the images, if used at all, are displayed in a stylish way, a nod/wink to your interest.
And not to mention the exclusive range of Crop tops and woman Top for the female geeks that are designed to fill the existing gap in female Geek Fashion.

Crop Tops

At the root of GeekDawn, it’s about “I like what I like, even if other people don’t understand it. … I want to be who I want to be.” And That’s what fashion should be.”
By Enticed Retail LLP


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