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This blog will not help you understand the Top 10 technology which pays you the most, or top 10 women in technology or best technology company to work with.

Instead we will talk about the critical, the crucial which has a severity higher than a highest SLA, we are talking here about Geek Fashion, that’s right Geek fashion. The real shizzle. That’s right, we’re talking computer geek t-shirt fashion. Yeah. You know the stuff. Those witty, self-effacing/reassuring-that-we-really-are-cleverer-than-the-rest-of-you t-shirts.

Geekdawn presents you some of the coolest, most quirky in geek fashion that no self-respecting computer nerd will ever be seen in public without.

Here are some of the Computer/ programmer Geek T-Shirts that we have picked for you:


  1. Please send complaints to /dev/null
  1. Naughty Unix

  1. No place like home

  1. .CLASS you define me

  1. SQL finger

  1. CTRL+Z Just undo it

  1. There are two type of people

  1. Metadata

  1. To Avoid Injury don’t tell me how to do my job

  1. Life is too short to remove USB Safely

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