Nerdy is the New cool


"Nerd. One whose unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person without fear of other people's judgement."- Zachary Levi- Actor, Director, SInger

"Geeks are people who love something so much all the details matter." Marissa Mayer- CEO, President and Director, Yahoo! Inc

Over the years, We’ve been noticing a shift in society. Many of our interests deemed us a nerd and geek in our childhood, like our love for Marvel superheroes, video games, and Comic books.

All of these things now seen to have been deemed cool and popular. In fact, it seems that being a nerd or a geek is actually becoming a ticket to popularity, and many corporations are even now catering to the geek and nerd culture.

This recent movement invites the question, when did nerd and geek culture become cool? The recent movement of nerds and geek culture becoming cool can be boiled down to these four possible factors: the internet, the evolution of the different mediums of geek culture, famous celebrities that are not afraid to show their nerdy side, and finally our society has become a more accepting of people's differences.

The internet also helps geek and nerd culture by informing fandoms of the latest news about their favourite franchise.

 Also with the rising popularity of ComicCon in India geek culture in India has been on the rise.


Finally, there are many online services that cater to geeks and nerds. One such service includes “” .


GeekDawn is set to define Geek Fashion, with a range of products that include : Half Sleeves T-shirts, Full Sleeves T-shirts, Crop Tops, Women’s Tops across multiple categories that cut across various interest and dimensions viz. Alcohol, Motorcycle ,Mathematics, Gifting, Movies, TV-Series, Music/Rock Bands, Programmer, Funny, Quirky, Rubik's Cube, Science, Space, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Sarcasm, Unix, Celebrity, QR Code etc.

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